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Terri Marie
"I believe that each day you must do something to encourage yourself, just like you need to eat every day for nourishment. It is vitally important that it comes from you, from within. That will cause huge, positive changes in your life, from a source that can never be taken away."

~ Terri Marie, Author, Best Selling BookYour Inner Cheerleader

If you think you can stay in the game the same right now you're kidding yourself. The ones who are succeeding big time today realize that they are playing a whole new game. We're not in a regular game anymore. We're in the Play Offs. "The Play Offs are the Pay Offs." They require more focus.

In award-winning author and filmmaker Terri Marie's latest book, "Your Inner Cheerleader" you will be shown Strategies, Formulas and Secrets of Cheerleaders. You might be thinking a cheerleader? For Business? Come on! But Terri Marie will prove to you in her book that cheerleaders are smart cookies. There are hundreds of potent tips and examples that Terri Marie used for her own business success including her TV productions. Let Terri Marie share her Inner Cheerleading World with you. She'll show you how it works in a book that's elegant in its simplicity, universal in its adaptability.

"Instead of rah rah motivators, Your Inner Cheerleader delivers brilliant strategies for creating the best internal friend you've ever had. I especially loved the "Magic Moment" that a cheerleader takes before she acts. Terri Marie's book is easy to read, and clear to follow, but the concepts are beautiful game changers."

Catherine Van Dien
~ Catherine Van Dien, (Oxenberg) Actress, Celebrity Ambassador for Childhelp

Why Terri Marie?
Here's what producer, author, composer and speaker, Terri Marie has been able to accomplish using her inner cheerleader. Terri Marie has appeared in Success Magazine, been featured in Sharing Ideas Magazine and other International publications. She has been on numerous radio programs and licensed music to EMI, Narada, Columbia House and BMG. Terri Marie produced and directed over 30 documentaries which aired on Network and PBS stations. She also produced and starred in dozens of theme-oriented exercise shows called "The Great Body Escape."

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The Inner Cheerleader can't wait to help you. Won't you give her a chance? If you or someone you know needs a cheerleader right now, here's your answer. You all have a cheerleader inside to develop and use.
This is the instruction manual on how to use her.

Here's What Others Say About the Inner Cheerleader...

"Terri Marie reveals a way for you to develop, own, and have push-button ready, your own cheerleader. It s a new voice in your head. It s a new you. It's the you that believes in you, your dreams, and your goals. It's your authentic self. It's more akin to your spirit."

Joe Vitale
~ Joe Vitale, The Attractor Factor

"Don't let the title fool you. Every great entrepreneuer has created a great inner cheerleader. Step by step, this book gives you success strategies in a new, fun and effective way."

Tom Antion
~ Tom Antion, Internet Marketing Training Center of Virginia www.IMTCVA.org

"Within the pages of Terri Marie's Cheerleader book is a technique that can blast you into success. Hold on, get ready, you are about to change your whole game. See you in the winner's circle!"

John Assaraf
~ John Assaraf, One Coach, featured in the movie "The Secret"

"The charming "Inner Cheerleader" in Terri Marie's book will seduce you to success with her heart, her strategies, and her spunk. Let a cheerleader show you how to use potent strategies to create a game in business or life that will support you in being the best "You" that you can be!"

Janet Attwood
~ Janet Bray Attwood, NY Times co/author of The Passion Test

"In repeated studies we have learned the importance of inner belief. That said, over and over people disappoint themselves in their efforts to achieve by lacking both the inner knowledge and skill set necessary to accomplish their goals. The particular skill set I am speaking of is the ability to dig deep down inside and persevere when discouragement and disillusionment would otherwise take charge. If this has ever defined your efforts, then Terri Marie's wonderful book, "Your Inner Cheerleader" is for you."

Eldon Taylor
~ Eldon Taylor, Ph.D., FAPA New York Times bestselling author of
"Choices and Illusions" and "Mind Programming"
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